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Fat Joe Coming To Shake Frank’s Hand And Tell Him He’s A Celebrity Has Me Very Jealous of The Tank

Is the fame starting to go to Frank’s head? 

Fuck no.

Dave would have played it Joe cool, thanked Fat Joe for the kind words. And then called him Big Pun to his face or something.

Kevin would have put him on the spot, asking a weird question and almost get put through a table so that he could make a minute man video out of it. 

Dan would have asked him why he still goes by “Fat Joe” since he got skinny and told him it’s not cool to still do that.

Now that’s given Fat Joe even knows who those three are which I’m guessing is a 50/50 shot.

But Frank The Tank?

He’s all-world baby.

Mr. International some people call him.

And did you see his face? Beaming with happiness and astonishment that Joey Crack knew who he was, and came all the way from his courtside seats to shake his hand and say hi.

It really is Frank Fleming’s world. We’re just living in it.

P.s.- need Fat Joe to gift Frank a Terror Squad chain and needed it yesterday.

P.p.s.- can we try and get Frank to record himself rapping a verse to “Lean Back” so I can remix it into the song? (Preferably Eminem’s Fire verse)

P.p.p.s.- Frank is looking great! He’s down 16 lbs thanks to his daily walks with his buddy Jenks (who by the way is a great writer and great following along with on twitter). 

Keep up the hard work Frank!