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Sunday's Epic Punt-Off Between The Jets And Giants Gave Me No Choice But To Make A Graph Filled YouTube Video To Explain How Bad It Was

Sunday's New York Giants / Jets game was so attrocious on multiple levels it compelled me to follow through on a content idea I've been toying around with - Making a special edition Sad Stats YouTube breakdown. Even logged into the ole Prezi account still connected to my grad school email from 12 years ago to do it. If you're not familiar, Prezi is the presentation software that - according to my adjunct professors - was or maybe finally now after 12 years is "just about to take over PowerPoint" in the business world. 

Anyway - If you like my weekly NFL sad stats blog, enjoy this sad deep dive into Sunday's punt-off that set the NFL back to 1998. You'll soon see why and how that explains the very sad Natrone Means pictured above. It's a short story that features a name that should only have ever belonged in a gangster movie, quarterbacks with names that fans of their teams have likely repressed, and others that even Stump the Schwab probably never heard of. 

But most of all, it's a story about the worst punt fest in NFL history. And also the punt fest we just saw last Sunday. 


Let me know you like it by subscribing if it's any bit entertaining and I'll consider making future sad stat shorts.

- Jeffro