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Mike McDaniel Nailed His Opening Joke at His Germany Press Conference

After hanging out with Mook and Nicky for the last month I've found a new admiration for stand up comedy. If you want to be a stand up comedian you have to have a fat sack. Not that I've seen Nicky or Mook's sack, but I know they are big. I tend to think I'm a funny guy, but some people say I'm just the joke they laugh it, and that's fine, just know I'm the one laughing on the 15th and the 1st. 

Making people laugh unintentionally is fairly easy to do when you're missing a millions of brain cells, but making people laugh on purpose? Now that takes talent. Could you imagine how humiliating it would be to cook up jokes for hours on hours and no one laughs at them? I'd rather be found laying in an alley butt ass naked than have 100's of people not laugh at my jokes. 

Germany wasn't ready for Mike McDaniel. Shit, Germany probably had no clue who he was until today. If you know Mike, you know he's a skinny, corky, funny, little dork that everyone loves. Next time you smoke and don't know what to watch, watch a Mike McDaniel press conference. I promise you he will not disappoint. Watching Mike McDaniel during a press conference is like watching an episode of The Office, it's an acquired taste, you either love it or you don't. Germany clearly has seen The Office or Mike McDaniel because if they had, that whole room would have been on the floor dying laughing. If I was covering this game and 5'9 175LBS dork with glasses walked up to the mic and said "I know what you're thinking I'm bigger in person" I would have spit my water all over the person in front of me. It was a home run joke that no one laughed it and it infuriates me. Coach Mike McBigBalls I want you to know that we all laughed at your joke back home. Now please beat the living fuck out of the Chiefs so I can show my face at work on Monday.