The Connor Stalions Look-alike On Central Michigan's Sideline Was Wearing Sunglasses (At Night) That Appear To Have A Camera In Them

I have to admit, when I first saw the initial Connor Stalions Central Michigan screenshot, I was quite skeptical. Partly because surely nobody — even him — would be that brazen and stupid but also because college football programs are run like cults led by the most paranoid people you've ever met, so to be on a team's sideline wearing its gear and pretending to be a coach would be virtually unfathomable unless there was help from that other team — it has since come out that Stalions worked with several CMU staffers at Michigan.

But the evidence seems overwhelming at this point. He obviously looks just like Stalions. He was ducking out of the way when he knew the TV camera would be near him. And finally, he's wearing sunglasses at night that just so happen to have a blinking light in the corner of them. Come on, dude.

I still need to hear why this particular incident occurred. If it was just to scout Michigan State, why stray from the tried and true method of just having someone in the stands filming their signs? Why take these extra steps?

All I know at this point is that none of us have any idea how deep this goes. There will be more insane information about the scheme this guy was running tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that — and I'm here for it. This is the funniest scandal in college football history. Give me all of it.