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Ranking The 5 Worst Characters From The Sopranos

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Last week I was sitting on my couch, eating fresh slices of prosciutto, mozzarella, and Sicilian olives while listening to Frank Sinatra. I felt like I was back home hanging out with my family on a Sunday afternoon. As I'm soaking in the aurora, my roommate walks in and strikes up a healthy debate on the greatest TV show of all time. We went back and fourth listing our top 5 but when I put Sopranos at 1 and he told me he never saw it, my jaw hit the floor. I basically held him gun-point (figuratively), told him to take a seat and enjoy the show. It's safe to say I changed this kids life, he absolutely hooked. As someone who's seen it 100x, I love seeing loathe all the same characters that boiled my blood my first go around. So I decided to rank the most annoying character from the Sopranos.

5. Jackie Aprile Jr

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I can't stand this spoiled little prick. The kid makes me sick. First of all, how the fuck are you going to sit here and cheat on Meadow fucking Soprano. You might as well just volunteer yourself to try out the electrical chair. Aside from cheating munch, Jackie just wants to be something he's not. Jackie was never meant to be a gangster and his father never wanted him to, which is why Tony would never let him in. But when Jackie took matters into his own hands and robbed a house game, Tony had no choice but to take him out. 

4. Richie Aprile

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This ungrateful little fuck boils my blood. Guy gets locked up for 20 years and on his first day out, he smashes a guy in the head with a coffee pot and demands that Tony gives him his stores back. Tony doesn't tell him no, but instead just tells him to be patient, which is more than understandable considering everything that's going on. Aside from his impatience, the scum fuck decides to stick his dick in his bosses sister, who he physically abused, which ultimately lead to his death. 

3. Janice 

The apple don't fall far from the tree! Janice might be able to fool Meadow, but she was not fooling me. Imagine being a woke loser in the 1990's, lol well that's Janice for you. Wants to act like she so open minded and loving but deep down in her frozen cold heart she only cares about herself. Her intentions were clear from day 1, finesse her mothers house from Tony and pocket the inheritance money. She's the scum of the Earth!

2. Ralph

I mean the guy just looks like a fucking rat. There's millions of people who have a punchable face but Ralph is #1. Between his stupid face and his annoying ego, Ralph is unbearable. Not only did he beat a stripper/girlfriend to death, but he killed a fucking horse! I don't know what it is, I can watch 100 people die but the second an animal gets killed I reach for a box of tissues. I guess Tony Soprano feels the same way because that's reason he ended up killing him.

1. Livia Soprano 

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I opened a new bottle of wine when this bitch died. You want to talk about unbearable? Look no further than the miserable old hag who tried to get her only son killed. Thank God I got blessed with a loving mother, if my mom was this miserable I'd get a restraining order. This woman is the walking devil, ratting out Tony left and right, ordering hits on people. She makes me sick and I couldn't be happier that she was only around for one season.