Ed Sheeran Proves He's One Of The Coolest Guys Alive Again, Does An Impromptu Vegas Club Concert With The Chainsmokers

Fucking Vegas, man. It's a world of endless possibilities. You can be roaming down the strip with one of those tall novelty drinks and within a half hour be on a rollercoaster atop a skyscraper, mozy into an old lounge someone like Sinatra or Rickles used to frequent, or hit the club on any random night and stumble upon something as the Chainsmokers with Ed FUCKING Sheeran. The Chainsmokers are already a literal generational music act that you can see there practically every week (they are SO good live) and then you throw in a potentially-buzzed Ed Sheeran just going through a medley of his 5,000 hits decked out in his finest Halloween (I think Captain Ameria helmet) costume? 

That's Vegas to a tee! And yes this is just another shining example of how much of the man Ed Sheeran is. I'm sure most folks of his caliber would like to go to a show of his friends and just hangout off to the side, but Mr. Sheeran? No way. He'll grab his glass of champagne, his microphone, jump on top of the DJ booth and hit the crowd with Shape of You, Shivers, and everything in between. We need more dudes like Ed that are just down to have a good time 24/7.

My king.