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The Rest Of The NFL Is Finally Too Scared To Get Bent Over By Howie Roseman At The Trade Deadline

Mitchell Leff. Getty Images.

This is a day that I've been worried about for quite some time. All things considered, it actually got here a little later than expected. But after years of constant abuse from Howie Roseman near the trade deadline, it appears that other GMs around the league have finally had enough. They're no longer picking up their phone when a 215 number is incoming.  

It's absolutely disgusting, is what is is. 

I get it. I know guys don't want to be the next in a long line of GMs who have gotten their bare butts spanked by Howie in a trade. I know that prying Kevin Byard out of Tennessee probably gave a lot of these GMs some extra hesitation to even talk to Howie yesterday before the deadline. But it's as clear as the night is long that this is collusion. 

The rest of the NFL is actively working against the Eagles while teams like San Francisco just get to add Chase Young for nothing. I'm sorry but if Howie Roseman is on the phone, he's making that fucking deal happen unless there is a clear and concerted effort to screw over the Eagles. You had Vegas out here flat out ghosting Howie when he was probably a 4th and 5th round draft pick away from bringing Maxx Crosby over to Philly. Aaron Donald was already looking at open houses in the Philadelphia area, but then the decision was made to ice out Howie from the deadline. 

It makes me sick. But that's just the way she goes. Howie Roseman is now a victim of his own success. You spank asses in the trading market for long enough, eventually GMs are going to pull up their pants for good. Cowards. 

P.S. -- Speaking of Chase Young to San Francisco, is Josh Harris the biggest snake to ever exist? I don't know how that weasel could ever look Jeffrey Lurie in the eyes again. Get Josh Harris out of Philly and get home out of here yesterday. Nobody better support the Sixers new arena plan after that deal.