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The Raiders Continue To Be A Hysterically Dysfunctional Franchise With This Report Of Them Ghosting Teams During Yesterday's Trade Deadline

I know to take this with a grain of salt, but this is fucking hilarious. We've reached the point with the Raiders, Mark Davis and everything associated with the black and silver that I will believe it to be true. You could say Mark Davis farted on the phone to reject a trade offer and I'd do the dog head tilt thinking about it as true. That's how dysfunctional this franchise is. 

I just love the image of another NFL team waking up yesterday feeling good about getting a Renfrow, Jacobs, Adams, whoever they might think is available. You prepare your offer, you talk it over with everyone else on your team. Then it comes time to the call, maybe you feel a couple butterflies like it's the 90s and hoping the girl's dad doesn't answer the phone. Rings, rings, no answer. Maybe you think Mark Davis is just out to PF Changs with the boys and he'll be back soon. Still no answer. 

I saw people even saying the Raiders roster isn't that bad. Sure, I mean, Adams is really good. You still have shit at quarterback. You still aren't that good of a team. Why not blow the whole thing up? I know trades in football are weird and you end up trading like a 5th rounder for a guy who starts somewhere, but take as many lottery tickets as you can. 

The Raiders just never stop being hilarious though. Every week it seems to be something going on that only happens with them.