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This Report Detailing How Saudi Arabia Landed The 2034 World Cup Is A Hilarious Look At How FIFA Works As The Most Corrupt Organization On The Planet

[Source] - And the 2034 tournament would be played in Asia — whose soccer confederation promptly endorsed Saudi Arabia, whose government, exactly 65 minutes after FIFA’s news release, announced a “comprehensive plan” to bid.

It was, at best, in the words of one longtime sports executive, “quite an elegant solution”; and at worst a poorly disguised plot to gift a World Cup to FIFA’s most eager ally. Requirements and sudden deadlines all but ruled out competitors for 2034. And over the coming weeks, as Australia pondered a bid, and Indonesia talked up a long-shot candidacy, FIFA president Gianni Infantino attempted to dissuade them.

You know what? This is at least FIFA admitting they are the most corrupt organization on the planet. I mean basically having this report saying Gianni Infantino attempted to dissuade Australia and Indonesia from bidding for the World Cup is fucking hilarious. He knows where the money comes from and this is how we have a World Cup in Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Not to mention it's going to be a clusterfuck like the Qatar one was. Are we really doing another winter World Cup, which is dumb as hell if we're being honest. The World Cup is supposed to be in the summer when there's little else on and doesn't get buried. 

That not enough? How about this from the same report: 

The delay, it seems, allowed Infantino and others to hash out a clever compromise: In exchange for three celebratory openers, South American soccer president Alejandro Dominguez agreed to concede the 2030 race to Spain-Portugal-Morocco; and concede the right to bid for 2034, which, conveniently, could be delivered to Saudi Arabia via Asian politicking and the “principle” of continental rotation.

It’s not clear how, exactly, the compromise was reached, nor who hatched the plan, nor why the 2034 process was abruptly accelerated. FIFA has not answered those questions. Negotiations occurred behind closed doors. The arrangements had been discussed “on confederation level” over the summer, multiple people with indirect knowledge of the talks told Yahoo Sports, meaning leaders of soccer’s six continental governing bodies were involved. But beyond them and Infantino, the extent of the “consultation” has been shrouded in secrecy. Even soccer officials in Chile, who’d been centrally involved in the South American 2030 bid, were excluded.

Somewhere Sepp Blatter is probably proud of this. That dude loves corruption - allegedly, of course. I understand the World Cup is supposed to represent the world's game and all that. But come on. Let's use our brains here and stop the joint adventures to host a World Cup. It's supposed to be in one country. It's supposed to be in places that already have infrastructure in place and can actually host a normal World Cup. 

Now it's not a surprise that Saudi Arabia got the 2034 World Cup, everyone knew it was coming. But this report from Yahoo just shows how it went down and how dumb the whole thing is. You're talking about a major, major organization just flat out showing their ass. Don't get me wrong. Yes, I'm still going to watch the World Cup but that won't stop me from bitching about how dumb it can be. 

Yeah of course Saudi Arabia got the bid when they pour money towards FIFA. They know what they are doing. I know I shouldn't be surprised nor can anyone really, but hey, at least they are admitting they are corrupt.