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Well there we go. It's over. They are blowing the whole thing up. We're getting a 3rd rounder for Chase Young. I'm glad they aren't chasing that 2nd Wild Card spot and blowing it up instead, but my god, what a fucking FAILURE everyone turned out to be. Terrible drafting, terrible developing, terrible everything. I blame Ron and JDR more than anyone, now that Snyder is gone. 

We all thought Chase was going to be a cornerstone of this franchise. He was a can't-miss player coming out of Ohio State. Won ROY. But then the injuries happened and he's never lived up to his potential. It's really just unfortunate how it all worked out.

Oh what coulda been....


Super fucking tough.

Good news is the Harris group is moving on from the last regime. So it's not all bad. Just sucks it had to happen like this.