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WATCH: A Badass Grocery Store Employee Stops A Shoplifter With A Deadly Coke Bottle Tomahawk To The Dome


What a damn throw from that grocery store employee. He has to dominate the local axe throwing bar. My guess is that's where he takes every first date with a stroke like that. Nobody is that deadly with the two-handed overthrow unless you're chucking hatchets on a weekly basis.

He absolutely crumpled that would-be shoplifter with — as best I can tell — a 2-liter of Diet Coke. That's some Seal Team 6 shit. When Benny the Bag Boy has a 2-liter locked and loaded, there are going to be two hits in that fight: the bottle hitting you in the head and you hitting the floor.

Damn, that video rocks. Fuck around in that guy's store and you're gonna find out like you wouldn't believe.