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A Pro's Pro: An Italian TV Reporter Can't Stop Getting Interrupted On Air By Women Trying To Flash The Cameras

What is with old Tancredi and women trying to flash their tits behind him? This isn't the first time: 

So he might be a vet in battling through adversity but this is how you do it. Don't miss a beat, let someone else shove her out of the way before nipples become exposed and keep on delivering some Italian soccer news. You don't just stop because a pair of tits are on your shoulder, not during transfer season. 

This is the look of a man who can't believe this happened on air again though: 

Granted he's a handsome fella with the perfect amount of hair if you ask me, people gotta understand he's trying to do a job here. We live in society and you can't just be trying to flash some tits on TV. Vet move by Tancredi to let someone else shove her out of the way. Keep his hands clean and acting like the pro he is.