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"Dollarita Steve" Goes Viral For Slamming Applebee's Dollaritas During An Earthquake

After a 3 year hiatus, Dollaritas are fucking back. Like the limited time only McRib sandwich, the drinks could go away at any moment. SO, when it comes to hanging with the boys on a Friday night at Applebee's, it's going to take more than a little earthquake to stop the party.  As "Dollarita Steve" left the Applebee's for the night he ran into a news reporter and was quoted saying ... 

"I was just slammin' ‘Dollaritas' up at the Applebee's with some friends and it was a big shake. It was only like, probably a couple of seconds. Everyone stopped talking. It was a big one. That might be the biggest one that I've ever felt. Everyone got silent and everyone had a collective moment of wondering if the earthquake was going to stop." 

When Steve decided the interview was over ... 

 he then threw up a peace sign, shouted, “The Dollarita is back!”

LEGEND. After 6 years in the Bay Area, this guy isn't afraid of a tiny tremor. No structural damage? Fuck it, pour me up another round of that sweet, sweet nectar of the god's. 

I've never ignored a natural disaster. I guess not going to the basement during a tornado warning? Closest I've come to becoming an overnight Legend is ignoring a fire alarm to continue gaming in my dorm room. 99% chance it's a false alarm, so If I start smelling smoke, then I'll panic. But that's nothing compared to Steve. Some people are just built different, like the Canadian dad who refused to let an F-5 funnel cloud ruin his mowing schedule. 

Everyone, guys and girls, are online is thirsting for Dollarita Steve. Nothing like a man laughing in the face of danger to keep throwing back margaritas at the bar. That's incredibly attractive, even though this guy looks like Scott Rogowsky, former Host of HQ Trivia, if he decided to be a cop instead of a gameshow host.