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Jameson Williams Defenders Have Gotten Out Of Control

I’m a bit disappointed by Jameson Williams. I also don’t really care. The Lions are playing great. Yeah, it would be an added luxury if Jameson Williams played up to his full potential, but I’m not going to cry in my fucking Cheerios because a first round pick might not be living up to the hype. What is bizarre is that Jameson Williams has a legion of defenders. Having people who come to the defense of a struggling player isn’t something new, but you would swear that there was a 1,500-yard Jameson Williams season that we must’ve missed based on how fervent his defenders are. He had a bad drop last night on what would’ve been a first down. 

This is not the first drop that he’s had this season. In typical Castellani fashion, I tweeted out a dumb joke, and the responses were insane. 

If you want to call me an asshole, you can call me an asshole. I’ve called myself much worse. What is bizarre to me is how passionate people are in their defense of Jameson Williams. Matthew Stafford had a very similar, almost cultlike fanbase, but I understood it with Stafford. Yeah, he never won anything here, but it wasn’t really his fault. He conducted himself well, busted his ass, and never complained. He was a guy that was easy to cheer for. He had a 5,000-yard season and made the Pro Bowl a few times. He showed many flashes of brilliance. Jameson Williams hasn’t shown shit. He’s been injured, and when he’s played, he’s been subpar. Why the love? 

This is Spencer Torkelson all over again. Unless you're on your knees, showing undying love for a struggling athlete, it means that you hate them. You can say that the ceiling is high while also acknowledging subpar play. Injuries have something to do with that. Injuries are also part of the game. If injuries weren't a thing, Grady Sizemore would've been one of the greatest baseball players of all time. Unless there was a hand injury that I don't know about, there's no reason for him to be dropping as many passes. 

I'm trying to unite people here. Let's focus on the positive. The Lions look awesome. So what if Jameson Williams is the Brian Scalabrine of this team? Everyone needs a ringer.