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The Internet Is Running Wild With This Picture That Appears It Could Be Connor Stalions On Central Michigan's Sideline From Its Game Against Michigan State This Season

Let me just begin by saying how much I absolutely love this entire story. I love it so much that even while it seems more likely than not that it directly led to Tennessee's exclusion from the College Football Playoff, I'm still enthralled and amused at every detail that comes out.

It had been a few days since we had a real twist in this story so we were well overdue and it seems like we may have gotten the biggest twist of all late Monday night if it turns out to be true. A picture began circulating on Twitter — they will serve ice water in Hell before I refer to it as anything else — of what appears to be Connor Stalions on Central Michigan's sideline during the Chippewas's season opener against Michigan State this season. This came several hours after Dan Dakich reported there was video of this exact scenario.

This picture didn't initially pass the smell test for me, but damn if that sure doesn't look like Connor Stalions. I guess my main question would be what interest does Michigan have in helping Central Michigan beat Michigan State beyond handing your in-state rival a mildly embarrassing loss in a season in which they're going to be terrible anyway? Even if Central Michigan had gone into East Lansing and kicked the MSU's ass, nobody would have cared or ever talked about it again after that Saturday. There was nothing for Michigan to gain here, unlike in the aforementioned scenario when they definitely allegedly helped South Carolina knock out Tennessee and Clemson.

But again, if the guy in that picture isn't Connor Stalions, he's got one hell of a doppelgänger that just so happens to also work on a college football staff in the state of Michigan.I don't know what the odds on that are, but I'd guess pretty low.

I want this to be true so badly. I want this story to keep going forever. It's so perfectly stupid and amazing.

I love this sport, man.

UPDATE: It seems like it's probably not him. But why not believe in something?

UPDATE x2: I am now convinced it's him again.