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Dabo Swinney Had A Meltdown On His Radio Show After A Fan Asked Why He Gets Paid So Much To Go 4-4

Oh, it is all coming CRASHING down in Clemson, South Carolina. This is going to be fantastic theatre.

Clemson, after an admittedly amazing run over the last decade or so, currently sits at 4-4 with a real chance of missing out on a bowl game and now has a program that seems to have its best days decidedly behind it. And Dabo Swinney is not handling things well.

I don't necessarily blame Dabo for being upset at a question like this after winning two national titles and having this be his first really disappointing season in more than a handful of years, but it's probably not a great idea to go at your own fans who aren't happy with you as it is — whether they're right or wrong. It's ok to admit you're having a down year while also pointing out you should probably have earned enough leeway to have one of those every 10 years or so.

Swinney went full-on delusional, though, and continued to say that Clemson would actually be 8-0 if it simply had just won the four games it lost. This guy is grasping at straws like you read about.

To be clear, I have always found Dabo Swinney to be an insufferable fraud and I take delight in his seemingly rapid demise. And when you've been a smug asshole for many years and now people have the opportunity to take their shots, you can't be surprised when that happens. With that said, however, I understand why he'd be pissed off at a question like that from a Clemson fan. Maybe just take a deep breath and don't call your own fans the problem when you're taking losses to NC State and Duke.