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The Philadelphia Flyers Are Avoiding The Curse Of "Wally The Alligator", Allow Emotional Support Pet Into The Game Tonight

It feels like a lifetime ago at this point, but it was just a month ago that "Wally, the emotional support alligator" was turned away at the gates trying to go to a Philadelphia Phillies game. 

On one hand, Philadelphia is absolutely the perfect city for a headline like "Alligator mauls 45,000 fans at baseball game" to come out of. So I can understand the Phillies' hesitation with allowing a fucking alligator into the ballpark at the time. However...the results speak for themselves. The Phillies would go on to sweep the Marlins in the wild card, take down the Braves yet again in the NLDS, but then blew a 2-0 series lead to the Diamondbacks with a 3-2 series lead which allowed them 2 opportunities to close out the series at home. They lost 2 straight games at The Bank, and the 2023 postseason will go down as one of the biggest choke jobs in Philly sports history. You really have to wonder if Wally's refusal to the game played any part in that meltdown. Do the Phillies now have a Wally the Alligator curse?

The Philadelphia Flyers sure as shit ain't takin' any chances. 

The Flyers may not have entered this season with their sights set on the Stanley Cup, but they've been playing lights out hockey to start the year. This team is young, they're hungry, and they're wildly overlooked. It's the perfect recipe for a team to "make some noise". Make enough noise and they might find themselves fighting for a playoff spot at the end of the year. The cards are already stacked against this team, and the last thing they'd want to worry about is getting cursed by an emotional support alligator. So considering there aren't a ton of fans at Flyers games anyway, the team figured what the heck. They let Wally into the game tonight and now they'll never have to worry about a potential curse again. 

Am I saying the Flyers are going to be your 2024 Stanley Cup Champions? Absolutely not. But at least they still have a chance now, is all I'm saying. 

P.S. -- Wouldn't mind to see Gritty get the Chubs treatment from that gator.