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This Year's Weish Fest Is Stacking Up To Be The Best One Yet

So this weekend is one of my favorite events of the year, Weish Fest, and its happening at one of my favorite brand spanking new venues in Chicago, The Salt Shed


The Weishar Foundation is an exemplary cause, dedicated to uplifting and supporting those facing hardships while fighting cancer, embodying the spirit of community and generosity. They help the entire family, with the mounting difficulties that make having to battle the awful disease even more stressful. Bills, transportation, daycare, missed paychecks from not being able to work, you name it. 

Weish Fest, the foundation's marquee event each year, is a remarkable celebration that not only entertains but also brings people together for a noble purpose. The energy, enthusiasm, and positivity at Weish Fest are a testament to the foundation's commitment and the enduring legacy of its inspirations. Both the foundation and its event showcase the power of unity and the profound impact of collective goodwill. 

It's the best win-win you can get. You get an incredible party, in a seriously incredible venue, AND you help out families who really fucking need it in the process. You get to have fun, sing and dance your ass off, and feel good knowing you helped a great cause.

Nothing better!

This year's lineup is a doozy. 

Pretty much our entire Chicago arm of the company will be there, Barstool Backstage will be there, and even though I'm not djing this year, I'll be having the best night out of anybody enjoying the hell out of all of these acts-

Natasha Beddingfield

  1. Who wouldn't want to see Natasha Bedingfield and find out if the rest is still "Unwritten" or if she's added a few more chapters by now?
  2. Maybe she'll finally reveal the secrets of what those "pocketful of sunshine" ingredients are!

  3. Remember when we'd belt out "These Words" in the car? Time to see if Natasha Bedingfield can still out-sing our carpool karaoke sessions!

  4. People forget how many hits Natasha actually had besides "Unwritten".

Randy Houser

Seeing Randy Houser live is an incredible experience that leaves fans in awe of his talent and stage presence. From the moment he steps onto the stage, his powerful voice captivates the audience, filling the venue with raw emotion and energy. Houser's passion for his music is palpable, and he effortlessly connects with his fans, creating a sense of unity and excitement that is hard to match. Whether he's performing his chart-topping hits or sharing personal stories between songs, Randy Houser's live show is a must see & hear for any country fan.

Plain White T's

Lombard, Illinois' finest. The hometown crew. I'm especially looking forward to this one because The Plain White T's bring a special blend of nostalgia and contemporary charm to their live performances, which is a huge part of their allure in concert. Their hit "Hey There Delilah" has the power to transport an entire audience back to the mid-2000s with just the first few chords. Beyond this timeless tune, their energetic setlists are packed with infectious melodies and catchy hooks that showcase their punk-pop roots and storytelling prowess. 

American Authors

You know this band from their hit song "Best Day of My Life." I've actually seen them before at one of the old radio stations I used to work at's annual show, and their performances are characterized by their anthemic folk-rock sound that's both soul-stirring and foot-stomping, creating an atmosphere where it's impossible not to join in the chorus. 


Our boys! 

These were one of the first groups to sign on to let us interview them and not only did they let us interview them, they invited us to their album release party in Tampa for it. Fucking awesome dudes. For anybody who loves high-octane performances blended with the heart and soul of country music, this is going to be a great set. This dynamic duo, known for their platinum-selling hits like "I Love This Life" and "I Know Somebody," brings a party atmosphere to every venue they play. Their concerts are a true testament to their ability to infuse country music with a rock and roll spirit, creating an infectious energy

Cannot wait for Saturday. Can't wait to see the Weishar's, all their friends, and everybody who works for the foundation. Can't wait to see the best of Chicago's south side come out to support and party. And cant' wait to see all these acts. If you see me there please say hi.