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Jaguars Players Stealing Terrible Towels From Steelers Fans Was Next Level Disrespect

Talk about taking over someones trap. This is next level disrespect. This is like when those antifa bums burn an American flag. The terrible towel is a sacred staple in NFL fandom, and these goons from Duval snatched like a rappers chain and wiped their ass with it. I doubt Jerry has seen this, or I'm sure he would have ordered a hit on these players families, so maybe it's a good thing he hasn't seen it. 

I know exactly how Steeler fans are feeling right now. The Miami Dolphins were the kings of being .500, never good enough to win, but never bad enough to land the draft pick that can turn your franchise around. If there's any advice I can give to Steelers nation, just keep drinking. The only thing that's got me through 24 years of hell is an ice cold beer and a bottle of casamigos. Wake up on Sunday, act like there's no chance you're going to lose and live with the results!