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Gwyneth Paltrow Said Goodbye To Matthew Perry And Also Let The Whole World Know They Hooked Up

This is a really beautiful, poignant goodbye from Gwyneth Paltrow. You could tell that she really cared about Matthew Perry, and it was very sweet. I just love that she included this story of them two, and it makes me wonder: When I die, will all my past hook ups come out of the woodwork to tell stories about me? I would hope so honestly. I want all the men that I have hooked up with to tell sweet stories of our love when I pass. I want people to be like "Damn, they hooked up??"  But it has to only be in a beautiful light, the way that Gwyneth did it. They need to all confess their love, say how obsessed they were with me, and say how funny and amazing I was. 

People are also slut-shaming Gwyneth for this post. Like CMON. She is sharing a beautiful story about someone she really cared about. It is a very sweet moment about his life before he hit insane stardom. And good for him and Gwyneth! There is no need to come at her for hooking up. Let them live!