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The Browns Had The Seahawks Beat Until Kevin Stefanski Took Matters Into His Own Hands And Blew It

What a fucking disaster of an ending. This is one that when we look back in Week 17, and we need to beat Joe Burrow and the Bengals on the road to make the playoffs, we'll think to ourselves, man, wouldn't it have been nice to have just beaten the Seahawks when we had the lead and the ball with 2:00 to go?

Now if you saw the game, no spoilers! I want to ask the rest of the general public a question and see if I'm totally off base here. I'll set the table:

You just signed a fucking practice squad player to be your starting QB, and he fucking sucks. He knows it. You know it. The fans know it. The other team knows it. And the statistician definitely knows it. And you go down 14-0, but you claw allllll the way back to take the lead 20-17 in the 3rd quarter. From then on, no one can score. Both offenses suck, and both defenses are dominating the game. So now you have the ball with a 3rd and 3 on your own 41 with 2:00 to go. What do you do? May I remind you that PJ WALKER is your fucking quarterback!!

Me personally, I would run the ball. Kevin Stefanski? He has to outsmart everyone, so he threw it. And this happened:

Quite possibly the ONLY thing that we couldn't do, we did. And listen, I know that hindsight is 20/20, but my foresight was pretty damn near spot on here too. Run the ball, and first of all, maybe you get it?? No risk, all reward. Not a bad way to live life. But second of all, in the worst case scenario, the two minute warning would hit, you'd punt it inside the 20 for sure and hopefully even inside the 10, and now Geno Smith needs to take the Seahawks 90 yards in less than 2:00 with two timeouts. It's a no-brainer to literally every single person on the planet except apparently Kevin Stefanski. He cost us the game today, plain and simple. 

And listen, I'm not saying we fire the guy (although Jim Schwartz certainly looks like he could take over immediately and only make the team better). But what I am saying is that AT WHAT FUCKING POINT is Kevin Stefanski going to just do the normal, basic, easy play when needed. He always tries to outsmart everyone, and sometimes you just need to go with the grain. 

The fact of the matter is that you cannot win with PJ Walker in the NFL. He's a practice squad QB. The fact that he was 2-0 for the Browns this year is laugh out loud funny when you actually watch him play. The majority of his yards come off screen passes, and the majority of his passes go to the players in the other colored jersey. He was 15 for 31 today with 2 picks, and he was 15 for 32 last week with a pick. Not to mention his 18 for 34 game the week before with another 2 picks. So thus far this season, PJ is......48 for 97, 5 INT, 1 TD. Yuck. But Stefanski said game on the line? Put the ball in PJ's hands!

At the end of the day, the season is not over. 4-3 without QB1 and RB1 still makes me optimistic, especially with us playing the dopey Cardinals next week. But my god, that was a winnable game. And so was the Steelers game in which we gave up another 4th quarter lead (and they gained negative yards in the 4th). At some point we have to win those types of games or else we're going to be sitting on our ass when everyone else heads to the playoff.

Speaking of sitting on our ass, hey Deshaun, you ready to fucking play yet???

**If the Browns don't go get Jacoby Brissett this week then shame on them. We could've went after Kirk Cousins and easily won the Super Bowl, but now he tore his Achilles. Jacoby Brissett would at least come in here and immediately show the world how easy it is to win with the best defense in the league, the best special teams in the league, and some of the best weapons in the league. Literally any average QB could be 6-1 with this roster right now, it's just we have....PJ Walker starting.