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I Don't Care If Ice Spice Is An Industry Plant, She Won Halloween With Her Betty Boop Outfit

Ice Spice broke Twitter last night. And ah yes, I can see the comments already. Karim, you fuck, my Twitter is working just fine. Who's Ice Spice? You really blogged this? Where's the Keegs Did Taylor Swift Go To Travis Kelce's Game Today blog? We want more Chaps diarrhea blogs. I get all of that. And you might not know who Ice Spice is considering she's the one of the biggest artists in the world that may or may not be an industry plant. 

We really are witnessing an unparallelled rise from Miss Spice. I don't even really care if she's an industry plant at this point, and whoever is being horny on main doesn't either:

My only guesses on who that could be would be that freak Meek Phil or Stoolies Clubhouse. At least put your name behind a robotic AI generated blogger photo! Anyway, I don't really have much more to say here. Ice Spice is going to be on your feed whether you like it or not. Rare Keegs W in her pro-Ice Spice blog saying that it was inevitable after Taylor heard her song and decided to put her on the Karma remix. She got a billion streams on Spotify without even a single album out. It's a Spice world, we're just living in it. 

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