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Kenneth Gainwell Caught Answering DMs At Halftime From Fans Who Were Ripping Him For His Fumble

This is so fucking funny. Imagine being an Eagles fan getting mad at a player and he's answering you at halftime. These players have to stop being so stupid. You know this screenshot will get out and it's at halftime. Just wait until after the game. 

Again, we need to implement the common sense department on these guys. I get it though, he was probably pissed that he did that and was like I am not having it from this moron. "Don't text me lil boy" made me laugh, but you need to be smarter than that. I don't want to hear that this was his social media manager or anything because that is 100% him. Also this fan wasn't wrong at all he should hold onto the ball in the red zone. Stop being so soft.