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I'm Confused: Did Tyson Fury Try Yesterday?

First things first.   Big fights in Saudia Arabia are absolutely ruining big fights in America.   I get that the fighters are getting paid big bucks to fight over there, but I just can't get excited for 2pm fights on a college football Saturday.   I didn't even know this thing was happening till it was over.   Fights need to be at night to have the proper build up and electricity but that's a different story for a diffent day.

Anyway back to the main point of this this blog.   I didn't watch the fight.  I saw some of the highlights and I saw people saying Francis should have won.   

I got to be honest.  My brain can't compute this.  I am a lifelong boxing guy.  I enjoy all combat sports but boxing is my 1st love.   I've long championed the cause that elite boxers would destroy MMA fighters in a boxing match.   Apparently my life theory on this is wrong?  I mean isn't Tyson Fury one of the greatest heavyweights of all time?   He's not washed yet right?  And even if he is past his prime this still should have been a walk in the park according to my brain. Yet somehow he got knocked down and only squeaked out a close decision.    

How is this possible?  Is boxing a fraud sport?  Is boxing dead?  Could Jake Paul take Canelo after all?   What the hell is going on out here?  I'm so confused and frankly hurt.