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I Have No Choice But To Believe Caris LeVert Simply Doesn't Understand Defense

Listen I don't really follow the NBA in and out, night in and night out. I have no idea if Caris LeVert is a good or bad defender. I really couldn't tell you one way or the other. But after seeing this clip alone, i have no choice but to assume he just simply doesn't understand defense.

Now I know you are probably reading this and saying "Nice job judging... I'd love to see you play defense in the NBA." To which I would one reply "SHUT UP" and second remind you that as a basketball lifer, and an aspiring Nike EYBL Peach Jam Championship Coach in the future ... that defensive principles transfer from CYO to the NBA. Granted the skill level changes (MASSIVELY) and not everything is set in stone in terms of strategy. But I'll risk my eyes to say that one principle that should NEVER be broken is "stay between your man and the ball." or "ball you man" as it's now become popularized as. 

I spent about 8 seconds researching BASIC DEFENSIVE PRINCIPLES and got these 3 passages which all ring try to the same philosophy. 


You will have an advantage over every team you play because on defense, you are playing five people against the ball.

  1. Regardless of the defensive alignment, the defensive player who is two or more passes away from the ball must take several strong side steps to the ball in support of your teammate guarding the ball (thus reducing all driving and passing lanes).
  2. Keep the Triangle – Ball-You-Player. Keep one hand pointing toward your opponent, the other hand flicking toward the ball. Keep your "head on a swivel" and "see the ball" and "find the ball."

Inspirational Basketball- Man-To-Man Defensive techniques

Staying between your man and the basket is the basic goal of man to man defense. Defenders do not want to allow their player to dribble past them for an easy score.

Keeping the knees bent, butt down, back straight and on the balls of your feet are essential. Active hands in the passing lane and guarding the ball completes the basics of the man-to-man defensive posture.

Basketball for Coaches- Any defender two or more passes away from the basketball is playing help defense.

This requires the defender to be in ‘ball-you-man’ stance.

The ‘ball-you-man’ stance means that the defender is pointing one hand at their opponent and one hand at the basketball. They must be able to see both with their peripheral vision at all times.

The position of a help defender will vary depending on where the basketball is on the court and where their direct opponent is on the court at that time.

Pretty basic right ? Stay between your man and the ball. I'm baffled as to why LeVert decided to front his man in the first place,but I'm even more confused why he did it here with absolutely no backside help. Just a dumb dumb of all dumb dumb plays. Shoutout SGA and Giddy for knowing it right away and leading to an easy bucket. But this one is up there with JR Smith saying hello to guys on the bench instead of playing D as far as dumbest plays I've ever seen on defense. 

Coach Bosco gave the full breakdown… 

***- In the video I said Giddy was the dope. I meant LaVert the defender. I spoke too quickly…happens. ****

Also … Giddy being referred to as a "SLOB wizard" is a fucking all time line. I hope in the next 5-10 years when I walk in the gym at The Peach Jam people start whispering … there he is "Bosco..The SLOB wizard". Legend…