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Kansas State Offensive Lineman Cooper Beebe Just Sent Houston's Juwon Gaston Into Next Week With This Block

I have the sound on this game in my quad box on Youtube TV and Thank God I do because the broadcast team literally reacted like someone's head was taken off on this play. I didn't see it in real time and my eyes immediately shifted to DJ Giddens breaking off the corner for a TD, but oh man did the replay warrant the reaction. Absolute decleating. Textbook shit from an offensive lineman. Shit you dream about. 

I played high school with a bunch of wiseasses from Brooklyn and Staten Island. Various neighborhoods came together to form the team, meaning different backgrounds, economic standing, home life etc ... but one thing that bonded us more than football was verbally abusing each other. One day playing JV I walked in from practice and heard the Varsity guys ribbing one kid real good (we all shared the same locker room.) They were reenacting falling on the floor, and then pretty soon you picked up the nickname "Vinny Tiles". I turned to the kids next to me and said "Why Vinny Tiles?" He replied with a grin as he had heard more of the conversation and knew the answer ... "Vinny Tiles because he got LAID OUT." I still remember that one to this day. 

Anyway ... get my guy Cooper Beebe some Syrup because he's getting Pancakes. 

Final note, Kansas State is the most disrepected under the radar team in the country right now. A tough loss to Mizzou on a late field goal AT MIZZOU who's in the CFP race (granted a longshot but still in it) and a road loss to OK State which is a notoriously difficult place to go, and by the way OK State is having a pretty good year. Keep fucking around and sleeping on K State and they'll be right there in the B12 Title race ... AGAIN. Can't wait for K State vs Texas next week.