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Kansas Takes An Early Lead On Oklahoma And The Student Section Immediately Trolls Them With An "SEC" Chant

Kansas is up early against what many consider to be an overrated Oklahoma team. In typical good old fashion "friendly jab" fashion, the Jayhawk student section had some fun with the Sooners chanting "SEC,SEC" as an obvious reference to Oklahoma leaving the B12 conference at the end of this year. 

A few things on this. Student sections are great because of chants like this. Granted this one was pretty obvious, but the more creative the better, the more deeper the cut the better, it's what makes games like this and rivalries like this so much fun. You don't see this stuff in the NFL. College fandom is a cult and while I love the sport as much as anybody, it makes me super jealous not having a division 1 team like this to go bizzerk with on gameday. 

Second, Oklahoma and Texas going to the SEC was so frustrating to me. I get it ... the money ... the endless money. Those big brands being in a super conference is good for everyone, and everyone will prosper, but do they really think the best path to the playoffs for them is having an absolute GAUNTLET every year in conference play ? They've been. in the mix for the last 5-6 years for the CFP, but for the most part are frauds. All offense, can't back it up on defense, and now you want to go have Alabama, Texas, Tennessee, Florida, and Georgia potentially in a 5 game stretch ... OF CONFERENCE PLAY ? That's fucking nuts. Stay in the B12 and be a power and at least you get to the playoff. But again ... money is always the key. 

Lastly, and completely unrelated but I feel like we haven't had the full on chaotic day in CFB yet.Where multiple top 10 teams lose, when at 9:30 at night you look up and 5-6 teams have L's next to them on the graphic. I hope today is that day, and it's feeling like there is something brewing in the air ...