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Jamie Squire. Getty Images.

Baseball! MOTHERFUCKING BASEBALL! Can’t beat it! 

There is not a hotter person on the planet right now than Adolis García. The man is a different kind of locked in. This is one of the greatest Octobers that we’ve ever seen. Right up there with David Freese in 2011 and Randy Arozarena in the Covid year in 2020. This man cannot be stopped. He took home ALCS MVP, and after Corey Seager set things up with a two-run home run to tie in the ninth, Adolis García delivered a walk-off shot to right field to win in the 11th and put the Rangers up 1-0 in the World Series. 

I picked the Rangers coming into this series. I felt like they were playing the best baseball. I think we’re going to be in for a really solid Fall Classic, but if the Rangers don’t win this thing now, they’ll take it to the grave. It feels like they exercised some demons. The last time they played in the World Series, they were one strike away in back-to-back innings before David Freese threw a wrench in their plans. Tonight, 12 years to the day since that loss to the Cardinals, Adolis García gave the Rangers their first-ever World Series win at Globe Life Field. 

A moment like this just goes to show that what matters is the quality of the product on the field. It doesn’t matter if it’s an 84-win team, a 90-win team, or two 120-win ball clubs. This was a World Series classic from start to finish. Fuck waiting till tomorrow. Let’s play game two right now.