LeBron Deflecting A Pass Last Night Looked Photoshopped, But Nope, It's Just The GOAT Doing GOAT Things In Year 21

I fell to my knees at Barstool HQ seeing that this wasn't blogged yet, but then I remembered I'm the only pro-LeBron guy left around these parts. Someone's gotta do it. And save your comments, there's absolutely nothing you can tell me other than the fact that you're continually left speechless by what this guy is capable of. Oldest guy in the NBA and he's legitimately FLYING on the court at the age of 38. Get the fuck outta here.

We really are witnessing a special run, which was evident by Bron Bron playing EVERY minute in the 4th quarter en route to a Lakers win:

They're really out there on the Internet calling him LeVitate today. Jordan was in a wheelchair by age 39. LeBron's biggest critics couldn't believe what they were witnessing out there. Just do me one favor and appreciate greatness before it's gone. Another ring in Year 21 is coming, it's up to you if you're willing to accept it before you have no choice and it's written in the history books. Thank you King.