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The Buffalo Bills Are The BIGGEST Frauds in The NFL

Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.

I love how everyone wants to call the Dolphins frauds but no one wants to talk about how the Bills are actually the biggest frauds in the NFL. This team is getting bailed out by the refs every single week. They barely squeaked by the dumpy Giants, and if the refs had half a fucking brain they would have called defensive holding on the bills on the last play of the game.

Fast forward to last nights Hail Mary. I mean holy fucking shit, can you make it more obvious? They could have called 3 different pass interferences on that play. 

You got one guy ice cream sandwiched:

And this goof guarding Godwin had a handful of his jersey. 

Everyone wants to call the Dolphins frauds, well how about the Bills?

Week 1- they lose outright to Zach Wilson on prime time football.

Week 2- they bitch slap the Raiders

Week 3- they Molly whoop the commanders 

Week 4- no comment

Week 5- lose to the jags outright 

Week 6- they beat Tyrod Taylor and the Giants by 5 points and get blessed by the refs.

Week 7- HAHAHA LOSE OUT RIGHT TO THE SHITTY PATS. They were -425 to win the game and lost outright!!

Week 8- they barely beat another shitty football team, and got blessed by the refs no call!!


If you’re going to sit here and call my team a fraud, you need to do the same with Buffalo.