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Blink-182 Recreated The “WHAT THE FUCK IS UP DENNYS?” Video For Their New Music Video


The  “WHAT THE FUCK IS UP DENNYS?” video is a new-school classic. I was doing #BlogResearch like they teach you in journalism school and it turns out the original video came out in 2013, sorta the interent video Golden Age, but didn't go super viral. It got around a million views on YouTube in a week, which is fine, but it didn't become an internet sensation or anything like that. 

But as time went on, it kept being posted and shared to Twitter, IG, and TikTok, making it a vey famous viral video that never officially "went viral". Just a slow burn for the last decade.

And it all led up to today, when blink re-created it for their new music video for Anthem Pt 3.


That's some good old fashioned fun right there. Just a little slice of internet Americana. 


And if you haven't listened to the new blink album yet, chop chop. Hop to it. It's very good.