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This Philly PD "Saved By The Bell" Anti-Weed PSA Is The Definition Of Mailtime

Well I’ll tell you what. I’m never even going to look at a marijuana cigarette ever again let alone smoke one. I don’t know how the Philly Police managed to do it again but somehow the Philly Police managed to do it again. There’s just no hope with dope, and the PPD has shown me the way. I hope that makes all the time an effort they put into slapping a cutout and a Barstool Shorts voice over top of this video worth it. I mean, that had to take at least what? 5, maybe even 6 whole minutes from start to finish? Probably didn’t even take a break either. There’s no time to take breaks when hooligans are out on the streets smoking cannabis like their Cheech and Chong. So I admire and respect the hell out of the effort here, Philly PD. Thank you and god bless.

Sidenote: The Philly Police Twitter account is a real bizarre place. Just stick to throwing some bozos in jail and leave the shitty internet memes to losers like myself. Now give me some more Kelly Kapowski.