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A Frank The Tank Variant Was Spotted At The Celtics-Knicks Game

I gotta admit, I was confused when I first saw this tweet. I wasn't sure what my pal Karate Kid Mase meant about Frank being a time traveler because all I saw was Frank taking in a game of his new NBA team with his signature posture, glasses, and utility belt. Then I saw the facial hair and my jaw hit the floor because that is clearly a variant of Frank has come to our timeline from the future for reasons I do not know yet. 

Is it to stop World War III from breaking out or the mudderfucking Mets winning the World Series, which could both fuck up Frank's world? Or maybe he just wanted to watch his first favorite NBA team take on his current favorite NBA team. There is also a chance that we had some sort of Barstool blogger crossing of the streams that resulted in an Uncle Tank.

As is the case with most of these variants, there are more questions than answers. But it appears one of my variants is at MSG tonight only three seats down from Steve Cohen (or one of Uncle Stevie's variants, which lends credence to this all being Mets related).

I also don't know the events that happened in Frank The Tank 2's timeline that turned him into a Rangers fan, but it must've been wild because I don't know if there is a team Frank hates more than the Rangers...well other than the Mets obviously. Hopefully this Frank doesn't have the same backstory as The Philly Phranknatic.