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The Football Data Is In And Travis Kelce Officially Performs Better When Taylor Swift Attends His Games

In a stat that will delight Swifties, and make some football fans groan in annoyance, CBS calculated that Kelce has performed better in the games where Swift was in attendance compared to the ones she missed. 

In fact, Kelce averaged 46.5 yards per game on days that the “Anti-Hero” singer wasn’t in the stands.

When she has been on hand, Kelce’s yards-per-game average jumps to 99.0. Kansas City has also been benefiting from Swift’s presence, having now won six straight games, including four which have come with the singer watching.

That includes Sunday’s 31-17 victory over the Chargers, in which Kelce had 12 catches for 179 yards and a touchdown.


If you're a Chiefs fan and you weren't on board with this Taylormania before, you have no excuse now. This man barely even works when she's not in the building! He's borderline resting on his laurels! Averaging 46.5 yards per game when she isn't there, compared to 99 when she is??!!! You should all be PRAYING she shows up as much as she can. 

No joke though, I definitely want the Chiefs to go to the Super Bowl because I want the possibility of Taylor being there. Real Swifties know that she's doing concerts in Japan that weekend, but if our girl finishes up her concert and gets on a plane, she'll be back in time for kickoff because of the time difference. We break down all this and more on this week's episode of Taylor Watch - study up!!