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Connor Stalions Maintained A 600-Page 'Michigan Manifesto' Prior To Being On The UM Staff

Sports Illustrated — Stalions, now 28, revealed that he was part of a small group of people—two of whom he said were at low-level positions on different college football coaching staffs—who were putting their heads together on a long-term plan to run the Michigan football program. Stalions claimed to have a Google document between 550 and 600 pages long that he managed daily, containing a blueprint for the Wolverines’ future. He referred the document as a movement more than a plan, dubbing it “the Michigan Manifesto.”

“Any idea you could ever have,” he wrote, “there’s a place where it belongs in the document. It’s super organized.”

Stalions wrote, “I think it’s pretty rare to find the right type of people who can grasp a vision of the future and want to team up and run s---. And we all got our own stuff goin on, but we all got some pretty unique approaches. Basically the way I see it, there’s a future Ohio State head coach and staff out there somewhere preparing for it whether they know it or not. And we have a group of a half dozen actively planning s--- 15 or so years out. And another dozen or two on board. So by the time it’s ready to rock, we’re all on the same page and we quickly make Michigan the ultimate standard.”

This story just keeps getting better and better. Connor Stalions, the kingpin of Michigan's sign-stealing espionage operation, apparently had a 600-page document he referred to as the "Michigan Manifesto" prior to his time on the Wolverines staff.

Even though it seems impossible — and is impossible — that this operation was going on with Jim Harbaugh having no knowledge of it, the guy running the whole show having a Google Doc manifesto on Michigan football is probably the best thing that could have happened from the program's perspective. Now Harbaugh and UM can say, "Look at this whack-job, he would have done anything to be part of this team and gain an edge. We had no idea he was doing any of this stuff."

Obviously, the entire focus of this story now needs to be on accessing the Michigan Manifesto. No college football journalist should be doing anything other than attempting to get their hands on this until someone has it. I can only imagine what kind of shit is in there over the course of 600 pages. Doctoral dissertations aren't even that long.

Has anyone with a manifesto on anything ever turned out to be a good guy? This saga isn't real-world bad, of course, but I don't think I've ever heard of someone who was in the right in any situation having a manifesto.

I just can't get enough of this story. Every detail is crazier than the last. Give me everything there is to know about Connor Stalions.