Turns Out If You Don't Have A Smoker, You Can Just Cook Ribs In The Engine Of Your Car

The easiest way to figure out that someone has no idea what they're talking about when it comes to cooking ribs is when they tell you there's only one way to cook them. Remove the membrane, 3-2-1 method, wrap with butter and brown sugar, yada yada yada. If someone says they have the only way you should cook ribs, then they're an idiot. Because there's an endless amount of ways to crank out delicious ribs. 

You can keep the membrane on, you can score the membrane, you can remove it, it doesn't matter. You can go hot and fast, you can go low and slow. You can wrap in foil, you can leave them unwrapped the entire time. You can go with a sweet flavor profile, you can go savory. Ribs are as versatile as they come. So versatile, even, that you can cook them in your car. 

Finger lickin' good! 

Just look at that bark development. Look at that beautiful mahogany color. Just look how how deliciously juicy and tender those ribs are. An nice, even cook that has those things looking like they're ready to fall off the bone. It doesn't get any better than that. No smoker? No problem. Just fire up that engine, take a quick 4 hour road trip, and you'll have some good eats by the time you throw that bitch in park. 

Sidenote: All jokes aside, I'm at least intrigued by using a pack of ranch seasoning on ribs. Part of me knows it'll suck, but another part of me thinks there is at least some potential there.