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It Turns Out That The Police Officer Arresting Chris Olave Didn't Care About His Occupation As The Star WR For The Saints

So TMZ acquired and released the footage of the Chris Olave arrest after he was charged with reckless driving after going 70 in a 35, and it turns out *checks notes* Kenner, Louisiana police didn't care about his occupation as the star WR for The Who Dats. Some people on the Internet are saying the officer had Olave on his fantasy football team and is upset by his lack of performance due to Derek Carr being an absolute trash can. 

It never fails to amaze me when athletes think their status comes as a get out of jail free card. This maybe works for like Tom Brady or someone who has pissed excellence for decades. The Saints are 3-4. Olave has one touchdown all year. He had 50 yards last week. Get in the back of the car buddy.

Marcell Ozuna would be FURIOUS if that line worked for Olave:

I think Olave's punishment should be a one way ticket to Minneapolis. You can't go 70 in a 35 in the winter there because there's snow everywhere. Get ready to join the purple and gold buddy!