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This BRUTAL Email From A Coach Telling A Player He Shouldn't Play Baseball Anymore Is Going Viral

Jesus, this coach cooked this poor kid. I'm sure it hurts right now, but in the long run, this will be for this guy's benefit. You can only play the kid's game for so long. Stop being a dinosaur and get a fucking job. I had to do some research to make sure that this was legit, and yeah, it turns out it's real. Even though I appreciate the coach's honesty here, part of me feels like this was somewhat personal. Using two very's when saying that a player is far away from even being considered part of the roster feels mean.

Again, though, I think this is for the best. The guy could've run with the whole "you know Michael Jordan didn't make his varsity team" shtick, but he put a stake in this guy's hopes and dreams as quickly as possible. 

I mean, there's really no positive way to spin this. If a guy is throwing gas at 70 mph, there's no reason to entertain even putting them on the team. They couldn't have made the guy a fucking equipment manager? Make him the water boy and give him one at-bat. I feel like that's the shit that only happens in high school. 

This kid should definitely give up on this dream, but that doesn't mean you should give up on any dream. "As for the future, your ability is very, very far away" is what I heard the first time I applied to Barstool, and I somehow made it. The fact that this email ended with a coach talking about academics is the most roundabout way of saying please stick to school. Baseball just ain't for you.