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Ana Maria Markovic Has Truly Embraced Debate By Asking The Internet If She's The Best Looking Soccer Player In The World (The Answer Is Yes)

Marketing 101 right here. Ana Maria Markovic is a fan favorite, trust me, I've seen the pageviews with her blogs. Now she's taking matters into her own hands. Someone asked her if she's the most beautiful female footballer in the world. A simple true or false question because it's true. It's not a debate. It's not multiple choice. My only complaint is switching it to best looking soccer player in the world although that's a closer debate. I'll listen to Christian Pulisic as answer 1a. 

It's a big year for Ana Maria. You want some sports talk? Fine. She's coming off a torn ACL. Her team, Grasshopper (real name, I promise) is trying to end FC Zurich Frauen's run of winning the Swedish Soccer league again - they won it 9 of the last 11 years. A dynasty that should be Ana Maria's run. She's gotta get back on the Croatian national team and get ready for whatever's next there. Okay, that's enough sports talk if you ask me. 

This is a debate blog, not a sports blog. Gotta keep my mind on the topic here. The debate is whether or not she's the best looking soccer player in the world. My answer is yes and here's my evidence: 

Case closed. You can try to debate, I'll listen but you'll be wrong. Well done, Ana Maria. That's how you embrace debate.