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"You Can Have Someone’s Whole Game Plan, They Can Mail It To You, You Still Gotta Stop It" - Deion Sanders Weighs In On Michigan Stealing Signs

This is the exact correct take. When the Astros did it, it was mid game and they knew exactly what pitch was coming. Deion is completely right here where you can just watch tape on a team and figure out their signs they use during the game. Every week you need to change up your signs because sign stealing is part of the game. I think it is really sad how BIG10 people are acting about this whole situation. 

I respect it from Nebraska fans because they will never have a chance, but Ohio State and Penn State fans you really hate to see. It's embarrassing how soft college football fans are and actually think that Michigan has been successful because this bastard just went to games and filmed. It really isn't a big deal but I do love that there is a story line for Michigan vs Ohio State at the end of the year. Adding fuel to the fire for the Big Game is all we need. 

I have Ohio State fans telling me that you don't change the signals for games and that is the stupidest thing in the entire world. Everyone would be able to know your play calls and just because Michigan is dominating this year doesn't mean they are cheating. I don't even give a fuck about Michigan and I sound like it because all of the fanbases are crying. This is a blessing if you are Ohio State because you have a built in excuse if you lose, but the fact that they are all crying just shows that they are scared to lose 3 times in a row to them. This is my take on Steroids too. Steroids don't make you a good baseball player, you still have to hit the ball. When these teams are watching film you study their formations so you know what to look for is that cheating when you know how they are lining up? Stop trying to bring these teams down and play football.