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I Need Josh Harris To Drop His Nuts On The Table And Prove He's Not Dan Snyder 2.0


I've said this a few times and I'll say it again right here- I'm sure Ron Rivera is a great guy. He seems like a guy you could belly up to the bar with, drink 8-15 Miller Lites, and just listen to him tell story after story, tale after tale. I bet he could tell fantastic stories about Cam Newton until the cows came home. But unfortunately for Ron Rivera, none of that makes him a good head coach in the NFL. In fact, I'd go as far to say Ron Rivera at this exact moment is the worst head coach in the league. He doesn't do…anything. He's a mouth piece…but even as a mouth piece, the guy doesn't even say anything. He just says "we're close" or "we have to look at the tape and make changes" or "it's only year 4, we need time" over and over and over again. Again, a swell fella, but completely lost in the sauce when it comes to being an NFL head coach. During games he just stands there on the sideline like a statue. He stands there not coaching, not talking, not using timeouts, not knowing how to challenge plays. He professionally stands there with his arms crossed. And I gotta say, I think enough is enough. 

Heads didn't roll when we got shit pumped by the Bears at home in prime time. We then went into Atlanta and beat the Falcons by the skin of our teeth, despite letting Desmond f'ing Ridder throw for 307 yards. And now nothing has happened after losing the ugliest game of all time to the Giants this last Sunday. And I think the entire fanbase needs to be asking Josh Harris, "WHY?". Why is he ok with this? Doesn't he know the pain we are trying to move on from? And he's just sitting there allowing us to be embarrassed week after week? Something HAS to change. Josh Harris NEEDS to prove to the fanbase this shit is not acceptable. He MUST show us that he isn't Dan Snyder 2.0. I know it's impossible for literally anyone besides the Devil himself to be Dan Snyder 2.0, but now would be a great time for Harris to show that mediocrity will not be tolerated. Even the players are fed up and talking about it.



When the sale was finalized and Harris became the owner, the preseason had already begun. It wouldn't have made sense to clear house. But now it's glaringly obvious that Rivera and Jack Del Rio are just cashing checks as lame duck coaches. They aren't getting their players prepared. They aren't playing inspired football. They aren't up to doing the job, and Josh Harris needs to realize this and give them their pink slips. It's tough to say someone should lose their jobs, but this is the NFL and you need to hold coaches accountable when they have zero desire to do their jobs correctly. I don't even think Ron Rivera could argue it- he has to know he isn't cut out for this anymore. 

I have full faith the Harris Group has a plan in place. It just sucks watching another wasted season, led by a coach who is indifferent to how the team performs. Do we really think Ron is losing sleep over any of this? No chance. Shit, Mike McDaniel coaches more on one Dolphins drive than Ron coaches an entire game. It's embarrassing and the Ron Rivera tenure in DC needs to end NOW.