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There Is A List Going Viral On Twitter Of Unacceptable Places To Take A Woman On A First Date And It Is ... Something

Wake up babe, new laundry list of places men can't take you on a date just dropped! I have no idea why they added Rubi Rose on that meme like she was the one who said this, but she's easy on the eyes so I digress. I see like 4 dates right off the bat that have no business being on that list. A sporting event? Bar for just drinks? That's just NYC dating in a nutshell (NYC ladies, DM me if this sounds like a good date to you). 

What did half of those delicious franchises do to anyone? Waffle House might actually be a good first date simply for the entertainment factor. It's a sound assumption that if you're still single these days and in a dating pool of any large city that you're cooked. No point in even trying, or it's time to look into relocation into a small suburb where you might find the one. Everyone's dating everyone and you aren't better than the next man up. Also, for what it's worth, Cheesecake Factory might be an incredible first date in like 90% of America. Options for everyone! Unnecessary stray there.

So fellas, the choice is yours. Let her house 48 oysters at the local seafood restaurant in your hometown before even ordering an entree or picking an alternative option than these checks notes 28 date ideas. Good luck out there.