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Gen Z Women Seem To Be Shocked At The Percentage Of Men Who Are At Least 6 Feet Tall And Make $100,000

I'm very fascinated with how social media has warped the minds of now multiple generations that have become adults. When I first saw this video, I thought it was just one girl making a joke about how hard it is to find a man with obviously extremely limiting characteristics. Maybe her dating life had hit a skid and she was dreaming of finding a unicorn.

And then I checked the comments and found out seemingly every woman who commented was genuinely floored by the fact that only 3 percent of men are at least 6' and make $100,000.

There are hundreds of those.

Do people really think this is common? Put aside the height aspect, making six figures in America is not normal. Now you throw another qualifier in there that automatically excludes probably 75 percent of all men and yeah, you're gonna have a pretty small pool left. It turns out most American men aren't on a podcast talking about how they realized everyone else was a loser once they bought their first Ferrari.

So yeah, best of luck to all the ladies out there in your searches. It's tougher than you think, apparently.