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We Got Our FIRST LOOK At Video Game Hasbulla In UFC 5

Remember Hasbulla? Lil guy from Dagestan who loves the UFC? Did one of the greatest Sundae Conversations ever?

Prior to appearing at UFC 294 to support his friend Islam Makhachev last week, Hasbulla was laying low for a bit - but his grand return comes along with his first ever VIRTUAL appearance in the UFC 5 video game.

It looks a lot like him, but I'll be honest - I thought we were gonna be able to play as Hasbulla….so the reveal that he's just gonna be an NPC who walks out with Islam Makhachev (and maybe Khabib?) was a tad bit disappointing to me. 

I know it woulda been tricky to figure out the physics of him fighting even Flyweights in the game, but you're tellin me you couldn't make a deal with Verne Troyer's estate to get him in there as an opponent? Was Peter Dinklage asking too much money to get Tyrion in the game? Zah woulda signed! I know he woulda done it!

Hell, even if we can't fight with Hasbulla - why not let us play as the little menace while the fights are going on? I just wanna run around elbowing UFC legends and celebrities in the face cageside while kicking empty water bottles everywhere. 

Make it like 'Bully' (or GTA) and just let us cause chaos in a Hasbulla minigame. Let us flip around like Yoda in 'Attack of the Clones'….

Call it "Hasbulla Hasbully" and watch the money roll in.

P.S. Why is Hasbulla all frozen staring at Islam like that tho? He can't take his eyes off the dude. He looks like he's thinking about challenging him for the title or something.