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If Joel Embiid Has Any Heart, He'll Force Himself Out Of Philly And Demand The 76ers Accept This Rumored Trade Offer From The Knicks

This is strictly on Joel Embiid now. It says it right there, he could love Philly from a distance and, well, New York ain't that far. Come on and help the Knicks franchise, Joel. What's the point of staying in Philly when you see how James Harden is acting? Plus, this is a fair trade. In fact I'll fly to New York, rent a car and drive Evan Fournier myself to Philly. That'll save some money in tolls and gas and help everyone out. That guy needs to get the fuck off the Knicks so he stops crying about not playing anymore. 

I'm not going to get my hopes up, because, well, I'm a Knicks fan. I've been through worse heartbreak than Joel Embiid staying in Philly. Shit even last night Hubbs started a little group text with myself, Clem and Joey 'the perfect spokesman' Langone. Just a couple fellas debating about the Immanuel Quickley extension and talking about potential dream moves. No more than 5 minutes later Giannis accepted his extension and we had no option but to laugh. It's what Knicks fans are used to at this point. 

This is different though. This is the Sixers, a team who hasn't won a championship. This is a team who didn't trade for Dame Lillard. This is a team where James Harden is just staying in Houston and avoiding. Why would Embiid want to stay there when he can come play with Jalen Brunson? That's future All-Star and All-Pro Jalen Brunson if we're being honest. It's not like the Sixers are immune to guys forcing their way out, in fact they should be used to it now. 

Trust the process is back. Load up on picks. Have some heart, Joel. Come be a Knick where it's tough to win and we'll treat you like a king if you have the smallest amount of success.