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Gayle King Finally Got Jay Z To Answer The Age-Old Question Of "Would You Rather Take 500K Or Dinner With Jay Z"

Unless you live under a rock, you've heard the Mona Lisa of hypothetical questions on if you would take $500,000 or dinner with Jay-Z. It's the internet entrepreneur's favorite old adage of the knowledge that you'll receive from Jay Z being able to make you more than that measly little half a million dollars. Thank god for Gayle King, because we've finally got the answer from the man himself. 

If there was a debate on whether or not Hova is the GOAT of the rap game, it ended after his response to Gayle. Take the money and buy my albums is the most hustler response you'll ever hear. Go get richer and then make me richer. Legend. If that doesn't give you enough motivation to get up and get going, then I don't know what will. I just know those Forex hustlers on the old bird app are in shambles after hearing that he wouldn't even take the dinner himself.

LLC Twitter is still at it though:

This guy luckily got his rocks off a few days and talked to Jay before the Gayle King interview at the WNBA finals:

Anyway, off to go listen to some Jay Z for the rest of the day. No more knowledge in the lyrics than in 2 Many Hoes: