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The Phillies Play Uninspiring Assball And The Diamondbacks Earned A Game 7 To The Word Series

Yup. Uninspiring Assball. That's the only real explanation for this team tonight in a return home to qualify for the World Series. 

Almost from the jump they just didn't have it. Aaron Nola strike out the side in the 1st and...

Giphy Images.

4.1 innings pitched, 2 walks, 6 hits, 4 runs, and back to back dingers given up. Not the best time to shit himself in an otherwise flawless postseason. It's cool tho, the bats picked their pitcher up, right? RIGHT?!?!?!

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1 run thru 3 innings yet they left 5 men on base. It's cool tho, after that they refused to get ANYONE on base thru the next few before just royally shitting themselves. It wasn't close or fun to watch. No working the pitcher. No rallies. 1 run and that's all she wrote. Just, one last time, uninspiring assball. 

The vibes are so, so off. Impossibly off. That doesn't happen the way it happened. The Phillies have ALL the pressure on them now. The Diamondbacks have wildly overachieved and if they go home Game 7 of the NLCS, they'll be fine. The Phillies season would be seen as a disappointment by many. You can't be this much more talented than a team, blatantly give away Game's 3 & 4 with lazy bullshit baseball and fall in 7.  

But it's still Game 7 (the first in Phillies history, btw) at home for the Pennant. The Phillies are the better team. Believe. 

Phillies in 7.