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I Am Never Getting Starbucks Again

Joe Raedle. Getty Images.

I should start with saying that I have never been a coffee person. My wife is, but I've never had the taste for it. However, I recently got into matcha lattes. It was after we moved out to Chicago I tried one and it was pretty tasty, so I had been to a local coffee shop with my wife a few times on a mini-date just getting a drink, talking about life. Those are great and dandy and I don't mind dropping a couple samolians for a nice time with the Mrs.

But my wife is traveling this week for work and I was a little tired from a Sunday chock full of NFL football. We were doing a Draft today on The Yak and I worked up a little appetite while browsing the supermarket for ingredients. So on my first drive into the new office, I decided I wanted a little pick me up and pulled into a local Starbucks. 

So at 37 years old, this was my first time ever ordering something for myself in a Starbucks. Weird - maybe, but again, I've never been a coffee drinker before. I pulled up to the order menu and got a grande matcha late. A tall somehow is smaller than that? Whatever, hit me with that good stuff barista person! I've gotta get a move on! 

I moved up to the pay window and as I rolled my window down and passed the nice woman my credit card, I was legitimately floored. "Five dollars and eighty four cents" she said. 

What the heck?! This is a 16 ounce drink?! People are paying these prices regularly?! This is outrageous! I had to pull over and make a quick video because there are Americans drinking this stuff every day! That's $41/week if you drink it just during the work week! We're talking over $164/month on just your beverage of choice. Assuming you're not getting any extras.

I may be late to the game finding out that Starbucks is expensive. I had no idea they were this pricey! But I can honestly say I will never spend that time of moolah on a matcha latte again.

Now if you're a coffee drinker, do the responsible thing and pick up some Stella Blue Coffee. It's premium taste and much cheaper than big coffee. Get some here. Today is also the last day of their winter sale (25% off) of all fall flavors.