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Jalen Ramsey Has Become The Latest In A Long Line Of Professional Athletes To Leave Philadelphia Emotionally And Mentally Shattered

Donald Trump said it best when he said, "bad things happen in Philadelphia". I'm assuming he was primarily talking about athletes when they have to come to Philly as the road team. Because that's now twice in the span of a month that Philly fans have caused an athlete to throw a temper tantrum on the sidelines. Up first was Orlando Arcia losing his goddamn mind while the Braves' season came to an end in the NLDS. 

That's a guy who was certainly locked in for an elimination game. 

And now we have Jalen Ramsey, who got to spend quite a bit of time with Philly fans on the sideline last night since he's still not cleared to play yet. You'd think at some point pro teams would bring in a psychiatrist or something to teach their players how to handle Philly fans. At no point does "flexing" your watch and telling fans how much more money you make than them make them want to back down. If anything, that gets them to go 10x harder on you. The whole "you're broke" argument goes way out the window the moment you start to engage with Philly fans for any longer than 5 seconds. If it's just a "broke bitch" and turn away, then maybe that would sting a little. Show the fan that they're not worth any more of your time. But to continually go back and forth with them, and then steal a taunt from a current college kid? It's hard for anyone to look like a bigger loser in that situation. 

However, I can't really fault Jalen Ramsey for losing it last night. When these are the type of fans you have to deal with, there aren't many out there who can come out on top.