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Lead From The Front: UTSA Head Coach Got His Finger Mashed By A Rat Trap After Loading Them Up In Lockers To Remind Players Not To Eat The Cheese

I love this guy: 

Now he's pulling out the standard football guy move to put rat traps in players lockers to remind them not to eat the cheese. Sure. It's been done before and often in the football world. However, we got the rare backfire. Not that they are already downplaying East Carolina, but rather one of the players putting a loaded trap on his podium. Bam, finger mashed. Brutal. 

Part of me thinks that's some good luck for UTSA. You gotta lead from the front. Show the players what happens if you eat the cheese. Hold that pinky up like Ronnie Lott. He should have walked around with the rat trap hanging off of his hand during the meeting just to prove a point. That's how you truly embrace football guy moves. 

Love that he went with would have killed a lesser man. He's correct. My hand gets mashed by a rat trap and I'm crying and calling for an ambulance. I'm bringing that up every chance I get to prove I survived pain. Plus, I need my digits. These blogs aren't AI except Karim's blogs. Only one move left to make - bring a rat trap to the sidelines on Saturday.